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Open Edge Education from and for,
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Future home of real time dynamic education.

AcademyDom Open Edge Education, is academy of coherent leaning in real time multidisciplinary online and of line schools for fast, effortless permanent learning. Utilizing dynamic development of creativity and innovation, while focusing primary on the disciplines and areas concerning education, health, and eco friendly environment, delivering real time learning solutions for efficient growth, progress and success.

AcademyDon of Coherent Learning Excellence

  • Fast and effortless enjoyable learning.
  • Permanent learning, intended to last or remain unchanged enduring learning
  • Beneficiary learning - promoting and enhancing health and well-being development.

Collaborating the Possibilities Of Special Purpose Coherent Learning Excellence

  • Knowledge is potential.
  • Properly learned and applied knowledge is a power.
  • Knowing where, when and how to apply knowledge is wisdom.
Vahlinov Andy Freedman, co-founder Mamadomia Foundation Open Edge Consortium

Real time coherent learning driven by results education utilising teal time open edge coherent learning educational telematics at any time and place that can results in any circumstances. Truly amazing. Knowledge synthesized and packaged in a true wisdom teaching for all ages.

Educational collaboration of multidisciplinary coherent learning online intersection of art, science, and technology across the world, the primary objective of the Open Edge AcademyDom is devoted to excellence in special purpose open edge teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. The AcademyDom master plan is made up of 7 principal creativity and innovation development units to utilize and facilitate advance coherent learning, focusing on evolving and progressing young leadership programs.

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